Hospital Policies and Procedures

To Our Valued Clients and Patients:

Please note the following policies/procedures for Haven Veterinary Clinic:

I.  Haven Veterinary Clinic is following all local, national health and veterinary medicine guidelines in regards to health and safety of our clients, patients and team. Upon arrival in the parking lot, call our clinic (713-344-1570) and a team member will check you and your pet in over the phone.  Because we are a clinic and by nature will care for sick and injured pets,  we ask that you wait in your car while we make arrangements for you to come in and avoid contact with other pets. 

Currently, we are seeing patients by appointment only, using the following protocols: 

  • Curbside Care: wait comfortably in your car, while we care for your pet in the clinic.
  • Drop-Off/Day Admission: let your pet stay with us a few hours for care, while you run errands or go to work.
  • In-Room Visit: you are welcome to bring your pet inside and stay with the pet for their appointment.

II.  For the safety of all pets, pet owners, and our staff, all cats must be restrained in a carrier and all dogs either in a carrier, on a leash or secure in your arms.  If you are not well, experiencing any cold/flu/Covid symptoms, have tested positive for Covid-19, or have recently been exposed to someone who has, please have someone else bring your pet for the appointment.  Face coverings/masks are currently not required inside the clinic but are encouraged if you feel it is needed.

III.  For prescription refills, please call 72 hours in advance.

IV.  We understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometime lead to tardiness or the need to reschedule appointments.  However, repeated instances of tardiness or failure to show up for appointments without a 24-hour notice can disrupt our schedule and inconvenience other patients who may be in need of immediate care.  To ensure the smooth operation of our clinic and to better serve all our patients, we may require a pre-booking fee from those who have demonstrated a pattern of repeated tardiness or missed appointments without proper notice.  This fee will be forfeited should similar behavior continue.

V.  A valid Doctor:patient relationship is established when our doctor has provided a physical exam of a patient within a 12 month period.  

Thank you for your help and support.

With Blessings,

Dr. Cecily Jennings and The Haven Veterinary Family

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