Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Early cancer detection in dogs with a simple blood draw.

We have partnered with IDEXX Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen to offer these screenings to you and your dog. IDEXX Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen uses a technology that measures plasma nucleosomes. Elevated plasma nucleosomes may be seen in association with cancer, particularly in patients with hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma.

Cancer is by far the single most common cause of death in adult dogs—approximately six million are diagnosed with the disease annually in the United States. Unfortunately, it is typically diagnosed in an advanced stage when treatment options are limited. All too often, it cuts short the lives of dogs who might have enjoyed many healthy years with their families had the disease been found sooner. Early detection provides the greatest chance of a successful outcome.

“In a peer-reviewed, published validation study, the IDEXX Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen detected 49.8% of all cancers researched and 76% of systemic cancers at 97% specificity in dogs. Overall detection rate of 7 common canine cancers. It is recommended as an annual screening test for all dogs starting at 7 years of age and at younger ages for dogs belonging to breeds that are predisposed to cancer.”

As with any laboratory test, IDEXX Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen results should be interpreted by a veterinarian in the context of each patient’s medical history and clinical presentation. The test is available by appointment only.