Dr. Jennings provides health certificates for interstate and international travel. She is USDA Certified and will work with you or your transport company to complete the necessary paperwork to see that your pet has a safe start to the journey.

Whether you are traveling from state to state or internationally with your dog or cat, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to be fully informed of travel requirements for their furry companion. There have been updates to most travel destinations domestic and abroad that could greatly impact your ability to leisurely travel with a pet. Please visit the USDA APHIS website to find information on what is required to travel with an animal.

Also, Beginning July 14, 2021, the CDC is temporarily suspending (stopping) dog imports from countries classified as high-risk for rabies. The suspension includes U.S.-origin pet dogs returning to the U.S. from any high-risk rabies country.

Simply put if you leave the U.S with your dog, you may not be able to bring your dog back.